What is BigData4Biz?
BigData4Biz is an information retrieval solution for the big-data age and for your digital transformation. For this it seems indispensable to collect and integrate as many enterprise data sources as possible. Having a data lake is generally viewed as a good basis for the digital transformation. However, finding information in this data lake is as complicated as with traditional enterprise search approaches. The problem is to know which information exists in the data lake and which of this information is actually relevant for a task. Not knowing what information exists makes it difficult to query it by keywords or search phrases. BigData4Biz takes an inverse approach by not requiring knowledge about good search phrases in unknown information territory but by taking information samples that are known to be relevant and retrieving similar information, ranked by its likely relevance to the user.

How does BigData4Biz work?

BigData4Biz is a data-integration middleware solution at big data scale. Data (information) of almost all kinds of data sources can be incorporated in a structured data lake. This information is structured by various notions of information similarity, customizable to the needs of an enterprise. This similarity can be by textual content, using linguistic methods, or by information topic. Also application domain specific similarities can be added for example related construction documents, bills of materials or technical specifications. The sky is the limit. A sophisticated information retrieval API provides access to this data lake, based on data samples but also on keywords and phrases where known. A keyfeature of BigData4Biz is its fast deployment to production. It does not require time consuming, expensive data modelling, definition of semantic ontologies or machine learning training. Its philosophy is to provide an 80% out-of-the-box experience with its standard algorithms, which is good enough for most practical tasks. Yet it is agile enough to allow adding further business knowledge by custom data enrichment and similarities to achieve that extra 20% of quality, when the business value justifies the effort.
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